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Winter Rim Desk

December 2019 — april 2020
required annual training October 26, 2019



Winter Rim Desk volunteer slots are available throughout the winter season, both weekdays and weekends.

Example weekend schedule (if staying in the park):

by 4:00 PM        Check-In at Park Headquarters

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM         Stationed at the upstairs Rim Village Café/Gift Shop.

10:00 AM Check-Out at Park Headquarters
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM       Stationed at the upstairs Rim Village Café/Gift Shop.


weather & gear considerations

Winter weather is cold and unpredictable. Pack gear accordingly.
Recommendations: sturdy footwear, winter clothing, hat, gloves, etc. Plan to carry what you need for the day, including water and snacks and lunch.



The Park provides housing for Rim Desk volunteers who RSVP requesting housing. Only trained volunteers are allowed to stay in housing.



Registration information will be posted after the training (October 26, 2019).


additional information

When performing this work, volunteers are required to sign up as National Park Service Volunteers In Parks (VIPs).  This involves signing a Volunteer Agreement, a piece of paper which contains a very broad job description.  Volunteers are treated as NPS employees should there be a Tort Claim or Injury.  But, you are ‘covered’ only if doing assigned tasks as described in the Agreement. You won’t be asked to do anything that is outside of the Agreement and you certainly must not stray from the Agreement.  No volunteer activities will start until Agreements are signed by all involved volunteers. The Crater Lake staff will provide supervisors.  Do what they ask.  Don’t do what they prohibit, etc. Safety is our first and last priority.  Wear any and all personal protective equipment (PPE) suggested and provided.